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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Four Seasons, San Francisco

On Sunday Jubilee and I visited the Four Seasons in San Francisco, to enjoy the Five Star Wedding Faire held there every January. Many of the same professionals who were a part of the Five Star Event, will be "professors" in our Wedding University at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley. We wanted to visit their booths, mingle with other friends in the industry, and get ideas for the Wedding University...not to mention sampling the great food!

Jubilee and I loved NOT being in charge of anything at this wedding event; on February 8th, when we are managing The Wedding University, there will be no time to act like "mystery shoppers"!

John Woods, of Enhanced Lighting, and Jonathan, of Asiel design, shared a booth at the Four Seasons; the ornate table top, draping and lighting design was a combination of their skill, creativity, and over the top imaginations! John, who will be participating with the design team at the Wedding University, will be bringing this same energy and enthusiasm to what is displayed there...and he can answer questions about how he does it!

Kevin Chin, of Kevin Chin Photography, who will be a "professor" at the Wedding University, takes a short break at this booth.

Lara welcomes Jubilee and me into the cozy "parlor" she and Geoff created as a part of their booth at the Four Seasons Five Star Event. Both Lara and Geoff will serve as "professors" at the Wedding University.

Peter Rudolfi and I accidentally chose the same colors for the day, so Jubilee captured the moment of unplanned coordination! Peter will be a "professor" on February 8th, discussing the different types of live music appropriate for individual styles of weddings and receptions.

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