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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Special Event Conference

Greetings from Sunny San Diego!
Several of my friends in the wedding industry invited me to join them for The Special Event...a national convention of event professionals, which is held each year in a different city across the country. Since San Diego is the location for The Special Event, 2009, it was the perfect opportunity for me to attend for the first time!
A view from the back of the San Diego Convention Center

Jubilee Lau. Gloria Tritasavit, and I made plans in the Fall to attend the Conference, thinking January would be a very quiet time for us; we had not realized how much work would be coming our way as a result of preparing for the Wedding University. In fact, last week we questioned our sanity for planning to be away for a whole week; but now that we are here, we see how many great ideas we are bringing back to implement in the final stages of producing the Wedding University. This was actually the best time to come, and...... it is a lot of fun!
Jubilee and I outside the Convention Center, with the Marina behind us; the weather could not be better!
Nancy Liu Chin was one of the "Presenters" here today, and so we all had breakfast early and joined her for her 9am class on Marketing for Wedding Professionals...it was awesome!
Gloria Tritasavit, Nancy Liu Chin, Kevin's crutches, Kevin Chin, and Jubilee Lau at the Hotel Sofia Hotel, in San Diego. (Kevin broke a bone in his foot playing tennis, but is almost done with his crutches...Yea!!)
The Convention Center is located on the Marina in beautiful San Diego, so whenever there was a break, we were out walking, enjoying the beautiful weather, and the ice cream shop located conveniently just down promenade from us!

Jubilee chose Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and I chose Coffee Chip Buzz; we both were quite energized by all the sugar and caffeine as we walked back to the next session!

Jubilee and Gloria after our session with Sasha Souza, who shared with over 150 of us her passion, and trend setting theories for the use of color, and the "in" color/shade combinations she predicts for 2009.
After a full day of taking in the classes, becoming even more excited about our chosen profession, and the Wedding University, we accepted a ride back to our hotel in one of San Diego's well known Bicycle Rickshaws....we were really tired of being on our feet, so this was a great way to travel!

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