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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Design team at work, The WU

Viola Sutanto and Nancy Liu Chin have fun creating the combination of elements needed to complete the design they have in mind.

This week our design team, Gloria Wong Tritasavit, Nancy Liu Chin, and Viola Sutanto, met at Wildflower Linens showroom in San Francisco to "play" with fabrics, table settings, props and theme development for the Wedding Design Course they will be teaching on February 8th, at the Wedding University.

The design team have made it clear that I can't tell you much more about how these details are coming together; but if you enroll, and join us on February 8th, you will see the results of their collaboration, and be able to ask them questions about their design process, and how to personalize your own wedding decor.
Nancy Liu Chin and Gloria Wong Tritasavit discuss which dinnerware pattern to use for one of the table settings they will create and describe to the Wedding University attendees.

We are very excited about unveiling all the surprises in store for those who attend the Wedding University, 2009! Please encourage anyone you know, who is planning a wedding, to register right away; space is limited!

An Afternoon of Elegance and Education
Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009 11 AM - 5 PM
Four Seasons Hotel ,Silicon Valley
2050 University Avenue East Palo Alto, CA
$25 for 1 person | $40 for 2 people
Blog: theweddinguniversity.blogspot.com

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